Clitoral glans

Clitoral glans
The internal anatomy of the human vulva, with the clitoral hood and labia minora indicated as lines
Latin glans clitoridis

The clitoral glans (glans clitoridis) is an external portion of the clitoris.


Areas of the clitoris include the glans, body, crura

It is covered by the clitoral hood, which is also external and attached to the labia minora. It is attached to the frenulum clitoridis, which is also attached to the labia minora.

The clitoral glans is attached to the clitoral body, which is internal.


Shows the abundance of nerve endings on the clitoral glans, causing it to be very sensitive to the touch

The head or glans of the clitoris is roughly the size and shape of a pea, although it can be significantly larger or smaller. The clitoral glans is highly sensitive, containing as many nerve endings as the analogous organ in males, the glans penis, making it particularly well-suited for sexual stimulation. During arousal, the glans becomes engorged with blood and retracts into the clitoral hood.[1]

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